Technological innovation and Made in Italy craftsmanship blend and culminate in Graffio style.

Graffio looks to the future, inspired by technological innovation to enable the achievement of superior quality standards in the creation of shower interiors and bathroom fittings. However for our team, true progress goes hand in hand with traditions of Made in Italy craftsmanship, which never ceases to inspire design and research into new finishings for classic materials.

The values which guide Graffio towards the future of bathroom fittings are indissolubly linked to the skilful use of innovation. Laboratory research and the use of modern machinery have enabled the evolution of our knowledge, without ever shunning traditions: design, materials and technologies converge to create products with an original design that are sturdy, functional and improve our everyday life while fully respecting the environment. The Graffio team pursues research with the dual aim of creating quality products while also reducing water consumption and material waste in production processes, inspired by eco-sustainability.

Graffio - innovation


INTERNAL PROCESSES: automation for assembly, manual assembly, welding, laser cutting, CNC machining centre, 5 lathes, the moulding of plastic materials, quality control (ISO 9001 certified), 3D printing, inspection tests, laser technology for product customisation.

New Technologies

“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody.”

(Henry Ford)

Artisan mastery seamlessly combines with new technologies for enhanced product design, material experimentation and eco-sustainability. At Graffio we love new technologies, when they become a source of inspiration and prove to be fundamental in protecting the environment. This is why our company constantly invests in new machinery and in the development of worker skills who are veritable orchestra conductors, capable of transforming notes into subliminal melody. The very latest technologies are used to create Graffio products, including 3D printing, bringing our ideas to life.