Graffio marks a new page of a unique story.

Graffio is the purest essence of values that have guided our company since 1992, the year in which the founder and bathroom fittings expert Uber Giulini Neri fulfilled his desire to create innovative and high quality products which distinguish themselves on the market of shower interiors.

A passion for technology and design in pure Made in Italy style culminated in the creation of Graffio, in 2015. The founder’s original dream was enthusiastically embraced by an expert team of creative professionals and artisans, united by the aim of creating original shower products, both in terms of shape and materials.

Then as now, the distinctive characteristic of Graffio is daring to push the boundaries of creativity applied to shower interiors, while maintaining strong ties with nature, the land and artisan traditions of the past.

Sede Nuova Osmo - Graffio

Set in the suggestive landscape of Lake Orta, in the North-Western Piedmont manufacturing district, the Graffio team creates bathroom fittings and items for shower interiors which exude timeless allure, in which the strength and courage of Made in Italy style lives on through modern artisanship, seamlessly combining rigorous attention to details and eco-sustainability.

Graffio – All the strength and courage of Made in Italy style

Graffio is Made in Italy

All Graffio products are Made in Italy and are brought to life in the magnificent setting of Lake Orta, one of the most enchanting landscapes in northern Italy and a source of inspiration for our designers. Shower items for bathrooms and pools are created and produced at our historic site in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, Novara province, as part of the Nuova Osmo production process.


“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”

(Ancient Navajo proverb)

Graffio - Lake Orta

Graffio looks to the future through the lens of process and product eco-sustainability: our love for the environment, a source of life and inspiration, is unconditional and tangible in our E-Conscience approach towards scientific and technological research which strives to reduce consumption and waste.

The company has focused its intellectual and professional capacities on the development of alternative materials, free from toxic substances, to transform ideas into well-made, ecological and recyclable items. Attention to a resource as valuable as water and dedication to its intelligent use has inspired the creation of items for showers and pools in which design and respect for the environment harmoniously coexist.