Every single day we commit ourselves to research into eco-sustainable processes and materials

Graffio products are the expression of a new relationship between industry and nature, no longer guided by the senseless exploitation of resources, but by reciprocal exchange. We look to the environment as a source of life and inspiration, which is why since our foundation we have always invested in eco-sustainability.

At our facilities with magnificent views of Lake Orta, a natural oasis of peace and well-being, Graffio technicians research environmentally friendly industrial processes and eco-sustainable materials every single day, while our designers draw inspiration from the shapes of nature.

All this converges in the creation of shower and bathroom fitting items that exude unique style, in virtue of their original lines and design at the service of everyday use. From products made of glass and aluminium, two fully recyclable materials, to the adoption of solutions for reduced water flow in shower heads, taps and bidet showers: respect for the environment is always our top priority.

Graffio - innovation


Graffio products look to the future while maintaining a firm link with the present, by means of technological choices combining lower environmental impact during construction, with water savings throughout the life cycle of products.

Science and E-conscience

“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own”

(Andy Warhol)

Rubinetti Graffio

At Graffio we believe that research and technological development are fundamental elements for any company aiming to distinguish itself on the market of shower interiors with innovative and well-built products. Since the very beginning, Graffio has always interpreted this challenge by focusing on Science and E-Conscience, resulting in a selection of original and robust designer items enriched by choices which aim to reduce water consumption and material waste.

Graffio products represent an informed choice for anyone looking to build or renovate bathrooms and pools, leveraging the most innovative technological solutions in terms of design, construction and respect for the environment.