Elegant, robust and eco-sustainable

Aluminium Shower Heads place technology at the service of everyday well-being and eco-sustainability.

The Aluminium range of shower heads is the result of years of research, combining style, resilience and eco-sustainability. Based on a totally recyclable alloy, designed to save water and energy, Aluminium shower heads distinguish themselves by their lightness and easy installation.

Available in numerous versions, ranging from vibrant colours to an elegant aluminium finishing, shower heads from the Aluminium Range are the added value for anyone seeking bathroom fittings which add a touch of personal style to a modern bathroom.

Ranging from small to large in size for the most spacious shower interiors, with ceiling or wall installation options thanks to special shower arms, Aluminium shower heads by Graffio are the ideal choice for those who love design combined with respect for the environment.

Soffione Doccia Alluminio

ALUMINIUM shower heads and arms


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