The pleasure of a hot tub in your shower interior.

Body Jets by Graffio combine the relaxing massage of water with resilience and design.

The Body Jet range is inspired by the intuition that well-being generated by the gentle massaging action of water is an antidote to built-up stress, after an intense day at work. The relaxing power of water is no longer exclusively available to SPAs and wellness centres, but also to shower interiors embellished by this small, yet precious product.

Body Jet by Graffio transforms the pleasure of a hot tub into a delightful daily habit, with no room for compromise. With nebulizer or rainfall, wall or built-in installation options, Body Jet provides an essential sensation of relaxation and embellishes the shower interior with designer solutions for every style.

Graffio research in the Body Jet segment is palpable in materials and shapes which guarantee efficiency and resilience both for the home and for more intense use at wellness facilities.


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